Samira il Naia



– Samira Il Naia –

– Cairo Fusion Director –

Samira began studying bellydance in 1997 and became a professional soloist in 2000.  In 2004, Cairo Fusion was created under her direction.  She is the host of Fusion Fest held annually in Boise, ID.  Although her roots lie in Old School Tribal and folkloric styles, Samira is well-versed in many genres of dance.  Her signature style is referred to as Progressive Fusion.  She has performed as a professional soloist in both cabaret and fusion scenes.  Samira has collaborated with Nada Brahma,  the Brothers of the Baladi, Jeremiah Soto, the Mutaytor, Mediterranean Raqs Band, and Pangia.  As a life-long student of this art form, Samira has continued education from many of the dance world’s powerhouses.

As a performer, Samira believes dance should be continuously evolving, innovative, and always a little risky. It is Samira’s mission for Cairo Fusion to live up to these expectations while also providing exceptional entertainment for the audience. Although she LOVES performing, Samira is passionate about teaching. As an instructor, she believes dance should always be challenging, inspiring, and rewarding. Samira’s motto in class is “With great sacrifice comes great reward”. As an infinite student herself, she challenges her students to consistently define and redefine their individual expectations, abilities, and determination in order to achieve realistic goals within dance. In both workshop and weekly classes, Samira teaching style is very fast-paced, yet exceptionally thorough. “I will give you all the tools necessary, you have to do the work”. “I find no greater pleasure than sharing the stage with my girls, and continually creating our signature style and technique. The highlight of it all–Watching my girls explode into super-hot, confident rock stars!!”



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