Karolina Lux Workshop

April 6 – 7:00-8:30 pm  $40 (limited Space)

Karolina Lux is extremely excited and honored to share her new style, Neo Bellydance, for the first time ever in this Boise Workshop. The whole package is not even released yet for festivals…so this will be a super special preview! Neo Bellydance is a new definition of belly dance. In Karolina’s take on it, legs go to new lengths, feet go to new patterns, arms go to a dynamic array of new shapes. Core isolations of belly dance are key, alongside waacking, tutting, vogue, contemporary, and jazz. Fast and furious new arm patterns will bring a new element to belly dance’s shapes on stage, leaps and spins from western dance styles will give it a different kind of dimension. We will learn moves from a variety of street dance, club dance, and contemporary/jazz styles, learn a bit about their cultural history and context, and then incorporate them into a fabulous choreography. Musicality and character will be touched on, and we will boldly bring our belly dancing to fierce new realms! *All levels of experience welcome! No experience in cross-training necessary*

Click here to register:  (you will be redirected to the Gypsy Blue site) https://www.gypsyblueco.com/collections/miscellaneous/products/karolina-lux-workshop-neo-bellydance

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