Dance Definition

Bellydance has many roots stemming from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and more. In comparison to other dance forms, which focus on extension and lines, Bellydance is focused mainly on isolations.  Over the years, as with any art form, Bellydance has and continues to evolve. There are many forms from Traditional to Contemporary.  The definition of genres is very vast and somewhat undefined.

Important note* Music and costuming alone does not change or define a style of Bellydance.  Proper nuance, execution, and format create styles/genres.


At Cairo Fusion, we study within three defined genres of Bellydance:

Modern, Tribal Fusion, and Progressive Fusion


What is Modern Bellydance?:

Modern Bellydance is a product of the evolution of bellydance throughout the world.  Updated techniques and trends are regularly applied to this form.  Modern Bellydance goes beyond “feeling” the music and places importance on technique, musicality, and clarity within the form.  Many of the modifications within Modern Bellydance are made to create staged productions and take bellydance from private gatherings to public venues.  Modern Bellydance can be performed to both traditional and modern music, with focus on stage productions and public performances.

What is Tribal Fusion Bellydance?:

Created in the late 90s and defined throughout the early 2000s, Tribal Fusion has become a definitive style with specific nuances and aesthetic . Known for its serpentine fluidity and crisp isolations, Tribal Fusion utilizes a more muscular and isolated approach to technique. Emphasis on flexibility and strength are key factors in the Tribal Fusion style. This genre has an applied vocabulary, including Jamila Salimpour format, otherwise known as Old School Tribal or Tribal (not to be confused with American Tribal Style), and many modernized additions.

What is Progressive Fusion Bellydance?:

Progressive Fusion Bellydance is a modernized form that is innovative and ever-evolving. Our heaviest influence and base form is Tribal Fusion.  However, in our style, the roots of bellydance are technically precise and our vocabulary is the same as used when bellydance was introduced to the Western Hemisphere.  Progressive Fusion is influenced by American, African, Spanish, Central American, Indian, and Middle Eastern dance styles.  Our music is often Americanized and modern, and our costuming leads far beyond the stereotypical bra and belt sets.

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