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Drum Solo! – An 8-week choreography series  Wednesdays –  Feb.7- March 28. Instructor:   Samira   Who doesn’t enjoy a great Drum solo?! Join me for 8 weeks, while we learn a fun, high-energy, diversified choreographed piece. Knowledge of basic/standardized Bellydance skills are a must. All genres welcome. Tuition: $50/month, $100/course

Bellydance Expansion – Wednesdays –  Feb. 7- March 28.  8-week Course  Instructor:   Samira *This class focuses on expanding Bellydance vocabulary, isolations, muscular development and layering techniques. It is the perfect place for those who have had some introduction to Bellydance and would like to expand their knowledge and skills, and for established dancers wanting to clean up and expand their technique. The instruction is not style specific, we will utilize standard Bellydance format .             Tuition: $50/month, or $100/course.

Bellydance Enhancement –  Coming April 2018

Bellydance Progression – Coming June 2018

Bellydance Flow –  Wednesdays –  (Next class starting Fall 2018).                         Instructor:   Samira   *Regardless of genre or style, all modernized (non-folkloric) bellydance has the same roots.  There truly exists a standardized format, which is “ground zero” for all modern, classical, and vintage style genres.  This class is perfect for the beginning belly dancer, experienced dancers who would like to brush up their skills, and dancers wanting to understand standardized format. We will focus on transitions, energy flow, fluidity, grace, carriage and posture.  For interested students, Cairo Fusion specific nuances and esthetic will be applied at a later series. This very structured course will run for 8 weeks. In addition to weekly instruction, participating students will be provided with both outlines and study guides.  It is highly recommended that beginning students repeat the course as necessary to enhance their skills.           Tuition: $50/month, $100/course

Technique and Theory (T&T) – Tuesday 6:30-7:30 pm  (Ongoing) Instructor:  Samira *Intermediate to Advanced Class:  Heavy focus on technique, isolations, body awareness, strength, costuming, ethics, and performance.  This class also offers rhythm recognition and introduces the dancer to drum solo structure. Best suited for dancers with basic knowledge who want to enhance their technique and learn the Progressive Fusion style and theory.  Performance is never required.  This class cycles, so anytime is a great time to start!!  (Finger cymbals may be required)  Tuition:  $50 month.

Zill Class! – Monday 6:00-7:00 pm –  (New class starting spring 2018)   Instructor:  Samira  Finger cymbals, sagat, zills…whatever you prefer to call them…let’s learn to play them!  This class will focus on learning how to play zills efficiently exploring a diverse range of rhythms and styles. We will start at ground zero and work our way up to adding movement and layering.  This class is for everybody wanting to learn this fabulous instrument, whether you dance or not. If you would like to expand your knowledge of exotic and historic rhythms, this is your class. ALL levels are welcome, but please remember, we are starting from the bottom. If you play zills, but your skill needs some refinement or you would like to expand your musicality to enhance your dancing…this class will do that! We will start with a 12 week series and reevaluate at conclusion. Students must provide their own zills.  I will have order information available at the first class for those needing to purchase.   Tuition:  $50/month.

Polynesian/Bellydance Fusion –  Tuesday  7:30-8:30 pm   (Closed to new students)  Instructor:   Samira  *All Levels Class:  This class will focus on the fusing and flavor of Polynesian dance mixed into bellydance.  There are many movements and nuances that are similar between the two forms.  This class will run for a minimum of 12 weeks.  Initially, we will focus on building strength and conditioning necessary for this fusion style. Must contact Samira for acceptance into class.    Tuition:  $50/Month 



1 hr. private instruction with Samira – $40 – Please contact Samira for availability.  *All levels:  Work with Samira directly.  Either refine your personal technique or learn our unique style of Bellydance Fusion; the history, music, technique and proper application.  Recommended only to the dedicated dancers, with a goal of taking dance to the next level.  Enrollment is very limited.

*Please check Samira’s page for current workshop information*

Tuition discounts are available for multiple weekly classes.

Please contact Samira for additional information or questions.  The studio is located at 230 S. Cole, Boise, ID. (Inside the Franklin Business Park, Building 6)

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