About Cairo Fusion

Based in Boise, ID, under the direction of Samira il Naia, Cairo Fusion is a professional performance company and school dedicated to creating and sharing innovative and inspiring performance art.  We are highly dedicated to promoting positivity within ourselves and within our community.

Our mission at Cairo Fusion is to provide a supportive place for women of all ages to convene, learn, share and grow, through the art of dance.  Our dedication to charity through art is also essential to who we are as a company.

Our dancers take pride in creating quality performance and offering something different from the mainstream dance perception.  Progressive Fusion is a Cairo Fusion nuanced dance form with a multi-style based esthetic. Our signature style focuses heavily on strength, flexibility, and endurance, while fusing modern techniques and urban dance styles.

Cairo Fusion offers weekly classes and many performance opportunities.  We are proud to have turned out many professionals in the current dance community.

Cairo Fusion is proud to be focused on raising money for organizations through benefit work.

We believe art is ever-changing and tradition evolves.

2 thoughts on “About Cairo Fusion”

  1. I love and very much appreciate what you do for the Belly Dance Community (Dancers and Watchers)! I can tell that you are very carrying, loving, and wonderful Ladies! My Fellow Troupe Member, Friend, and Mentor Shirley Prindle has told me how Sweet and Wonderful you are! Can’t wait to meet you in person!!! Maybe I’ll do my very first solo there…… 🙂
    *Peace Valkyrie*

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