About Cairo Fusion

Based in Boise, ID, under the direction of Samira il Naia, Cairo Fusion is a professional performance company specializing in fusing American Bellydance with modern techniques and urban dance styles.  Our focus is to innovate the dance world; bellydance and beyond.

Our dancers take pride in creating quality performance and offering something different from the mainstream perception of what bellydance is.  We mix the ancient with the modern, creating a new style altogether.  Our progressive style is unlike most “bellydance” you have seen before!

Cairo Fusion offers weekly classes and many performance opportunities.  We are proud to have turned out many professionals in the current bellydance community.

Cairo Fusion is proud to host Fusion Fest.


About Progressive Fusion Bellydance:

Bellydance has many roots stemming from the Middle East, North Africa, Spain and more. In comparison to other dance forms, which focus on extension and lines, Bellydance is focused mainly on isolations.

Over the years, as with any art form, Bellydance has and continues to evolve. There are many forms from Traditional to Contemporary.  The definition of genres is very vast and somewhat undefined.

Progressive Fusion Bellydance is a modernized form that is innovative and ever-evolving. However, in our style, the roots of bellydance are technically precise and our vocabulary is the same as used when Bellydance was introduced to the Western Hemisphere.  Our music is often Americanized and our costuming leads far beyond the stereotypical bra and belt set used by many bellydancers.

We believe art is ever-changing and as Progressive Fusion Bellydancers, we hope to be at the forefront of the innovation and evolution of bellydance.

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5 thoughts on “About Cairo Fusion”

  1. I love and very much appreciate what you do for the Belly Dance Community (Dancers and Watchers)! I can tell that you are very carrying, loving, and wonderful Ladies! My Fellow Troupe Member, Friend, and Mentor Shirley Prindle has told me how Sweet and Wonderful you are! Can’t wait to meet you in person!!! Maybe I’ll do my very first solo there…… 🙂
    *Peace Valkyrie*

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